Your Real Estate Adventure Starts Here

Your Real Estate Adventure Starts Here

Welcome to Team Morris & Mercier, where we bring your real estate projects to life. Explore our unique approach to buying and selling real estate, combining customized service and excellence. Our goal? To turn every transaction into an exceptional journey. Let's move forward together towards achieving your ideal living space.

We are Équipe Morris & Mercier

The Morris and Mercier team, from Remax Cité based in East Montreal, is known for its professionalism and exceptional dynamism for over 40 years. Built on solid values and rooted in the passion for serving its clientele, the team has built a reputation for excellence in the field of real estate.

With several decades of combined experience, the members of the Morris and Mercier team bring unmatched assurance and expertise to every real estate transaction. Their commitment to customer satisfaction is reflected in a reassuring and efficient service, thus ensuring a worry-free experience for those looking to buy or sell property in the regions of East Montreal and Lanaudière.

The team is distinguished by its commitment to the community. As local players, the members of the Morris and Mercier team understand the importance of contributing to the well-being of the community. Their active participation in various community initiatives testifies to their willingness to give back and strengthen social ties.

Attentive listening is one of the team's major characteristics. Each member is determined to understand the specific needs of their clients, to anticipate their expectations, and to provide tailor-made solutions. This client-centered approach allows the team to create solid and lasting relationships, based on mutual trust.

The Morris and Mercier team embodies excellence in real estate brokerage. With over 40 years of experience, their unwavering professionalism, passion for their profession, community engagement, and attentive listening make them trusted partners for all those looking to realize their real estate projects in East Montreal and Lanaudière.

My Four Pillars of Real Estate Excellence

I am proud of our commitment to excellence. Discover the four key principles that guide each of our transactions.

  1. 01. Passion

    A legacy of expertise passed down through generations, specialized in the Pointe-aux-Trembles and Mercier sectors, demonstrating our deep passion for local real estate.

  2. 02. Efficient

    Our goal is clear: to support you at every step of your real estate transaction with efficiency and precision to ensure a flawless experience.

  3. 03. Committed

    Since 1977, we have been firmly committed to the development and support of the community in East Montreal, reflecting our long-term dedication to our region.

  4. 04. Attentive

    Our approach is profoundly human; we establish lasting trust-based relationships with our clients by being attentive to their needs and responding with empathy and understanding.

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The Équipe Morris & Mercier Difference

Discover the personalized approach of the Morris & Mercier Team, where superior quality is the foundation of every real estate transaction. With our experience in East Montreal, we aim for excellence to fulfill your real estate ambitions with efficiency and a distinctive personal touch.

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